Patrick Doak has been aware of spirit around him

Patrick Doak has been aware of spirit around him from a young age, he has practised as a medium and spiritual healer for many years.

Patrick provides one to one mediumship readings, spiritual healing and meditation therapy.

On 29th June 2009 Patrick and his wife Olivia opened the Center of Angels on the Falls road in Belfast and provided Mediumship and holistic services to the general public. Our services have been welcomed by the local community and we are very grateful for that.

Our objective at the Center of Angels is to bring the understanding of eternal existence of the human soul and we do this on a daily basis through communication with our loved ones who have passed to spirit.

As a member of the therapist team I view my gift to be a blessing from spirit and it is a great honour to bring peace to a person during a reading.

Patrick is the President of the International Spiritualist Union and opened the Spiritualist Church “The Sanctuary” on 1st June 2010.

Patrick is registered with the Registrars Office and is available for Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies and Spiritual blessings.

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  1. Jay Cassidy says:

    I would be grateful if someone could please put me in contact with Patrick Doak ..I would like to meet him and have a reading, has he a phone number?.. I need to speak with him…

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